IoT solution that helps farmers make the most effective decisions

FlyAgData™ collects agronomic and machine data from the equipment transforming it into valuable insights.

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We create a solution with the potential to collect, store, visualize, and analyze in one place
that enriches farmers to make data-driven decisions. No need to download or buy another
“new” system that doesn’t сompatibe with a different one, you can work with your data
in a farm management system that is already implemented in your business

Experience valuable insights

FlyAgData™ device provides the opportunity to receive
data instantly and make a decision on it in real-time

Digitalize business
Visualize data in one place so easy to operate. User has the ability to customize reports and dashboards
Quality control of technological operations
The system detects discrepancy in the specified parameters of the machinery and units (speed, application rate, sowing depth, etc.)
Optimize your costs
Knowing the conditions of your fields
Connect to every machinery
The device can be connected to every
machinery (not only by ISOBUS). Ease of installation

Ease of retrieve the data
Compact transferred data from FlyAgData device easy to collect, and process. Ability to transfer processed data by API (Cropio, Wialon, Power BI, Google Data Studio, etc.)
Artificial intelligence и ML
Based on significant amount of data system uses M2M approach to maintain quality of operations on high level of accuracy
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Machinery can tell you so much more.
We make sense of what they’re trying to say

The data that can be collected from machinery is often ignored.
We help to avoid this situation

Gather not only agronomical data but engineering as well.
Preventing unexpected machinery failures

Get most out of every agri-operations. Analyze all parameters
that have an impact on the process

Monitor work progress in real-time. If something
went wrong you can act right away

We love our clients

We highly appreciate all clients
that take a step into innovations

Visualize your work

Display data in your farm management system

We proud of our team

We know your pain points. Our team has more
than 10+ years of proven experience in AgriTech

Vitalyi Shuberanskiy

Co-Founder & CEO

Maksym Rozborskyi

Co-Founder & CTO

Mikhail Shevchenko

Co-Founder & Lead engineer

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