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FlyAgData Smart Agriculture

Revolutionizing productivity in farming through IoT solutions

We build technology that turns mountains of data into meaningful intelligence. We make hard work easier by equipping people with actionable insights, empowering them to solve tough problems, and create a world that works for everyone

We face many challenges in Ukraine

Tough to monitor
Difficult to monitor operations online and straightly making changes
Spending a lot of money
On sowing, spreading, harvesting using the same norm of inputs on each field not taking into account a particular quality of them
The logging
Of the agri operations on previous years are not collected properly
A necessity
In storing, and visualizing data in one place

We have a solution

Having been worked closely with farmers and furnished them with proper IoT technologies
we turn agriculture into a stronger business.

We will need to further popularize the use of smart agriculture, which are embedded
with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting
and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet receiving
cost-cutting and higher quality in production.

Today we are developing and provide solutions from scratch that
enable highly profitable farm management.

Obtain labor
savings and extensive production
Making money
on increasing yields harnessing the potential of crops

of the processes

Smart Agriculture Services

Agronomical consulting
Our experts offer full cycle of agronomical consulting to define all pain points and areas of improvements
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Machinery consulting
Analysis of all types of equipment for all systems and sensors required for precision farming
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Developing MVP of IoT solution based on your needs from scratch
Based on your needs we develop tailored solution for you
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Implementation into farm and post-education
Our engineers fully implement solution into business. Trainings and education are provided for employees
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Start to transform your business today

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